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Vitamin D: Why you should be supplementing during winter

Summer is now long gone - it's grey, wet and windy today and it's prompted us to write this blog about Vitamin D!

As we are now firmly headed towards winter, it's important to think about keeping our Vitamin D levels topped up.

Although we can get some Vitamin D from our diet in foods such as free-range eggs, oily fish and mushrooms, most people living in northern Europe will need to top up their levels with supplementation between November - April.

Here's 3 key reasons why we need Vitamin D:

  • It supports our immune system - reducing inflammation, improving our susceptibility and recovery from viral and bacterial infections - colds, coughs, flu, covid, norovirus etc.

  • It supports good bone health (when taken with Vitamin K2 - so if you suffer with or have a family history of osteoporosis, then its worth taking a Vit D & K2 supplement).

  • Helps to reduce inflammation particularly in the gut (essential if you have IBS/IBD) by supporting our beneficial gut microbes.

Many Covid studies have shown that a high daily dose of Vitamin D is tolerated, so the current ideal daily recommended dose is a minimum of 3000IU's.

Our favourite range of Vitamin D supplements at the moment are the Better You sprays - it's easy to take (we like the Better You 4000IU - one spray in the mouth a day), and can be used by the whole family (part of our morning ritual before the kids go off to school is to make sure they've had their spray!)

And they taste nice too...:-)


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